Fives Futbol took over the streets of Cape Town

Fives Futbol took over the streets of Cape Town

Owner of Wessen Marketing Sven Watlington spoke exclusively to CapeTownFootball at the Fives Futbol Street Popup event held at the weekend


Fives Futbol in partnership with Wessen Marketing held their second successful street popup event, with this one being held on a rooftop in the CBD. The collaboration between football and hip-hop is the first of its kind in the country, and owner of Wessen Marketing, Sven Watlington, is already planning for bigger and trendier performances for future events.

“Myself and the head of marketing at Fives Futbol (Aaron Zipper) thought of creative ways to bring people together not only through sport, but through other activities as well,” Watlington told CapeTownFootball.

“We looked at what lifestyle exists here in Cape Town that we could connect the dots with through soccer. We looked at hip-hop being a prominent culture within the streets of Cape Town, and all the elements that brings hip hop together like dance, music and graffiti artists.

“Last year October we did our first pilot event with some really cool partners such as Adidas, Red Bull and Fives Futbol. We managed to pull off a successful pilot and this is the sequel to it tonight,” he added.

The event showcased B-Boy battles, live graffiti, freestyle soccer, live music and a 4v4 tournament.

“Well, the location (has changed for this event) for one. This year we are on a rooftop, so it’s been easier to host and it’s a much sexier location,” said Watlington.

“We’ve also got stronger partners involved this year, and we’ve got ‘Youngsta’ who is the brand ambassador from the hip-hop side of things.

“For future we looking at more exciting new locations. What has been keeping this event hot has been the popup locations, so we’ll try to keep that secret and keep it trendy. Also, you can expect bigger crowds and bigger performances,” he added.

At the end of the evening, Soccer Stars were crowned the number-one side at the street tournament.

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