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Safwat Davids: I was hooked to Cape football from an early age

CapeTownFootball took to the stands and caught up with Santos supporter Safwat Davids at a recent derby encounter between Milano and the People’s Team

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a phrase which can be roughly interpreted, as different people have different ideas about what is beautiful.

So what does this have to do with Cape Town Football you may ask? Well, if memory serves me well, football is commonly described as the ‘Beautiful Game’. It is with this in mind that CapeTownFootball decided to get in touch with the fans to get their view on the beautiful game.

Many of our followers may not know the name Safwat Davids, but if you’ve visited a Santos game of late, there’s surely no way you could have missed this loyal supporter.

CapeTownFootball caught up with this avid Santos supporter at a recent Cape Derby, and got his thoughts on life as a football supporter in Cape Town.

“As with all derby games, it was a tough one. You always guaranteed a bit of edge and aggression, which showed tonight. There were stand out players on both sides for me, (Ganief) Stellenboom and (Lesvin) Stoffels of Milano, while (Carl) Lark and (Fagrie) Lakay had great touches but lacked composure in front of goal,” Davids told CapeTownFootball after the game which Milano won 2-1.

“The match could have gone either way,” he added.

Davids support for Cape football runs deep, as the tradition was passed down by father many years ago.

“I was hooked from an early age, as a child my dad always use to take me to watch Santos play,” Davids told CapeTownFootball.

He’s been supporting the People’s Team for the past 29 years, from the tender age of seven years. So if you have any Santos related trivia questions, he’s definitely your man.

“I think the game should be taken to the people, interaction between clubs and fans are lacking. Investing in marketing campaigns could assist fans to relate to teams, which will attract supporters,” said Davids, when asked about what improvements can be done to attract more supporters.

The Santos supporter will be hopping for an improved performance by his side, with two Cape Derbies on the horizon. First up, the People’s Team will face Vasco da Gama on Friday 12th December, followed by FC Cape Town seven days later.

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