A day in the shoes of a referee

A day in the shoes of a referee

CapeTownFootball journalist Lawrence Moyo caught up young referee Joshua Jansen Van Rensburg to give you a view on the life of a referee in the ABC Motsepe League

LM: You are very much a rookie in as far as the ABC Motsepe league is concerned, how are you enjoying your experience so far?

JJ: It is an absolute pleasure to be in this league, it is a very competitive league and it has been a good ride for me.

LM: You were in the SAB league last season, how has the transition been like for you?

JJ: There has not been much of a difference for me because I did the Diski challenge games before the start of the season, but it is a step to take. The second division is much tougher and the teams are very professional, it is a pound for pound league and a great career move altogether.

LM: Great stuff, so how do you prepare for matches?

JJ: I don’t do much, I just make sure I have two of everything in my bag, and be as early as I can be to games.

LM: There has been a global outcry about referees of late, what is your take on the issue?

JJ: I beg to differ, it is not the referees alone at fault here, players and coaches do not understand the laws of the game. I am saying we do make mistakes, but so do players and the coaches.

LM: Speaking of mistakes, how do you deal with your very own?

JJ: My mistakes don’t bring me down, in fact they make me all the better in my next match. I am liable to err as a human, but I try to rectify my previous mistakes before my next game.

LM: Who has been your inspiration in your career so far?

JJ: It is hard to single out people, but I would like to thank Faiek Daniels, Jerome Damon and Anwar Alexander for all the advice and wisdom they impart to other referees.

LM: Why did you decide to be a referee?

JJ: I played for Bellville City for almost a decade, but was told that I was a better referee than a player, and I gave it a go.

LM: Do you regret making that decision?

JJ: I do miss playing, but I think that was the best decision of my Life.

LM: What is your ultimate goal in as far as your career is concerned?

JJ: I would love to officiate in a World Cup final. I am a qualified Sports Manager and I see myself nurturing young referees in future. I am also pushing my coaching with the 1st team at Fairmont and I hope all the experience I gain will help in the future.

LM: What is your advice to youngsters who are at a crossroads in choosing football paths to take?

JJ: football is so diverse, there are many opportunities too, one just has to do an introspection and really discover their calling. Be true to yourself and never give up.

LM: Thanks for your time mate
JJ: Anytime bud

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