10 untold commandments of street football

10 Untold commandments of street football

CapeTownFootball took to the streets of the Cape Flats in order to bring you these untold rules of street football

We have all played a game of street football and if it wasn’t in the street, then it was certainly on the playground at school.

Street football is where it all begins, where the next Messi and Ronaldo’s are created, Some go on to play professional football while others retire shattering Pele’s goal record of 1 000 goals.

Below are the 10 commandments of street football on the Cape Flats

  1. The kid who is overweight always ends up as the goalkeeper (I always knew that Khune’s shirt was a bit to tight)
  2. The person whose ball it is, decides who plays and who doesn’t
  3. Penalties are only awarded if the injured player rolled around and swore enough times (I think Ronaldo played too much)
  4. The match only ends when everyone that is playing is tired or the street light are on
  5. No matter how many goals you are winning by, the winner is always determined by “NEXT GOAL WINS” (Who remembers the Golden Goal Rule?)
  6. There is never a referee
  7. If there is no ball, then a plastic bottle will do (We will take anything that we can kick about and score with!)
  8. If you are picked last then you probably not very good at the game (Unlike at Sundowns, the players are good enough but there is just too many of them!)
  9. Getting the football stuck under a car or in a tree is the most stressful part of the game
  10. When the owner of the ball gets annoyed, it’s usually game over (We are all glad Gavin Hunt isn’t in our team then)

Which do you remember using when playing football in the street or in the park?


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  1. Ryan

    LOL. those were the days. it also didnt matter if there was a massive park to play in. the street was the best stadium. and anything that didnt go dead centre between goals (usually 2 bricks or 2 sand heaps) was deemed to have hit the bar and missed.

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